08 June 2018

Nintendo Wii, Revolutionizing Gaming As Wii Know It

nintendo wii

What’s new with this console? The Nintendo Wii is a highly evolved gaming system which has barely shown its capabilities. Nintendo has introduced a new way of playing games that is fun for the whole family. The controller (Wii-mote) closely resembles your standard television remote is completely wireless and has triple axis motion sensors. I find the Wii-mote to be very accurate and it allows users to swing and twist their way through new innovative and very creative games. The Wii-mote also has a port to plug in a second controller to allow you to use both hands for certain types of games. The Secondary controller called the Nunchuck has an analog joystick and a couple of buttons to allow more control with various games and has a very ergonomic design.

The sports game package that comes standard with the console shows the true potential of this system. Boxing for example (included in the sports game package), lets you jab and punch by extending your arm(s) forward and allows you to block by holding the controllers in front of your face like a real boxer would do in order to block a punch. You can also dodge from side to side by moving your upper body in the respective direction. You can see my six year old daughter boxing and showing off her stuff on our family website. No more sitting on the couch pushing buttons, its time to really get in the game. I haven’t been an avid sports game player, but with this new technology I can hardly wait for some of the major sports titles to be released.

Due to some of the necessary movements involved when playing the Nintendo Wii, I would almost recommend a mild stretching session before playing.