25 June 2018

Star Wars: Battlefront 2 - Heroes Vs Villains

The Game is divided in 3 sections:

  • Campaign (1 player)
  • Multiplayer (4-40 players)
  • Arcade (1-2 players)

In each article we are going to talk about the different modes of the multiplayer section.This section has 3 modes that you can choose:
  • Heroes and Villains
  • Assault
  • Operations

Heroes and Villains

This mode has 3 alternatives:

Heroes vs Villains: Here you can choose characters as the light side and the dark side against one another in a 4 on 4 team battles.

Every Hero and Villain has 3 abilities and can equip 3 cards that can enhance those abilities , there are 9 cards to choose from.

Gameplay for Heroes vs Villains - Star Wars Battlefront II 

09 June 2018

The clone of Nintendo Wii is called MiWi

nintendo wii

Have you ever asked whether a console to work with 4 AA batteries? I say I can and as the test is the "MiWi", which is offered with a bundle low cost and high allocation of accessories. clone of the famous Nintendo Wii comes with wireless controller which is aligned forms than the N64, two fake Wiimote and a series of adapters that simulate golf clubs, baseball and tennis. The console comes with games type boxing, bowling and football (as in the original console). It is hoped that even in Italy or that at least we can buy online… for fans of 16 bits can become a lifeblood.

08 June 2018

Nintendo Wii, Revolutionizing Gaming As Wii Know It

nintendo wii

What’s new with this console? The Nintendo Wii is a highly evolved gaming system which has barely shown its capabilities. Nintendo has introduced a new way of playing games that is fun for the whole family. The controller (Wii-mote) closely resembles your standard television remote is completely wireless and has triple axis motion sensors. I find the Wii-mote to be very accurate and it allows users to swing and twist their way through new innovative and very creative games. The Wii-mote also has a port to plug in a second controller to allow you to use both hands for certain types of games. The Secondary controller called the Nunchuck has an analog joystick and a couple of buttons to allow more control with various games and has a very ergonomic design.

The sports game package that comes standard with the console shows the true potential of this system. Boxing for example (included in the sports game package), lets you jab and punch by extending your arm(s) forward and allows you to block by holding the controllers in front of your face like a real boxer would do in order to block a punch. You can also dodge from side to side by moving your upper body in the respective direction. You can see my six year old daughter boxing and showing off her stuff on our family website. No more sitting on the couch pushing buttons, its time to really get in the game. I haven’t been an avid sports game player, but with this new technology I can hardly wait for some of the major sports titles to be released.

Due to some of the necessary movements involved when playing the Nintendo Wii, I would almost recommend a mild stretching session before playing.

07 June 2018

GT5 Prologue On Playstation3 [Gran Turismo 5 For PS3]

Gran Turismo 5 For PS3

The launching of the first Gran Turismo game for the PlayStation was such a huge success that it marked the start of racing game dominance in the gaming consoles. We all know that racing simulations had been making a home in the PC for quite some time now, and although there were games such as Sega Rally, Mario Kart, and Polyphony Digital's Motor Toon Grand Prix, those games were not promising enough in terms of what the racing genre could actually offer to the gamers.

After it was initially released in Japan on 1997, and then shortly in the US and Europe, the game became an instant success. It was definitely a racer that has never been seen on the console before, therefore it does not come as a surprise that Gran Turismo and its preceding sequels collectively sold over 50 million copies worldwide. With over 250 cars to race with and 11 courses, it's astounding how you still have such personalized access to car specifications to make the game feel like what a real racing should be like.

And now, with the upcoming Gran Turismo 5, you'll get more than a glimpse of this much-awaited installment with the Gran Turismo 5 Prologue. Although this is not the full sequel, GT5 Prologue is a full insight into the much-anticipated 5th installment of the ever-popular racing game. You can choose to purchase this as a standalone game or you can download it via the PlayStation Network. It will surely keep you all geared up.

Even though this is not the full version of the game and you do not have access to the full roster of cars and racetracks, your list of choices still total an impressive 40 cars. And these cars are not a bunch of trash either, with such racing giants as Ferrari and Lotus sports cars, what better choice can you have? Not only that, you can also compete in racetracks that are based in some of the more popular racing tracks in the world, such as the Suzuka racetrack in Japan.

Son'y partnership with Polyphony Digital, which is known as the premier videogame designer, ensures that fans will have utmost fun racing in these tracks. If you find these stuffs you're hearing quite too good to be true, there is still so much in store as this is primarily only a sort of “demo” for the main game, GT5. And as if they haven't offered quite a promise yet, you can also make use of the GT5 Prologue Online mode. So long as you have a broadband connection, you can join in on the online racing fun which is able to support up to 16 players. This may be a good time to test you and your friends' racing skills.

Just like in the offline version of the game, you can also play using the Garage Mode while engaging in online play. While playing in this mode, you will be able to specify your car settings like hydraulics, engine settings, brake and suspension, tires, etc. By doing this, you can ensure optimum performance from your chosen vehicle when you compete in a race like the Global Online Rankings Challenge. The competition can be quite stiff but winning each race you've ran can be quite fulfilling.

If you're still not convince with the racing prowess of this game, these few extras that have been bundled for this game might just as well tickle your fancy. The Gran Turismo 5 Prologue has got a My Page option, which enables you to either Race, go to the Garage, watch TV, or look at the Album where pictures taken while in Race mode are stored. One other interesting feature in GT5 Prologue is the Calendar, which enables you to view scheduled Races, as well as weather reports for each racing day.

Although the PS3 SixAxis joypad can be quite responsive while playing GT5, plugging in a steering wheel can prove more rewarding. This will enable you to view the action clearly via the point of view of a real racer, and see other cars disappear behind you as you run past them.

Since GT5 Prologue is rendered in full High Definition, you can be guaranteed to get the highest picture quality with every single race you run. With all its features, it's hard to imagine why this game can't be a full title. Well, this means there'll be so much more in store for the Gran Turismo 5. Until then, Gran Turismo 5 Prologue will surely work up your appetite.

06 June 2018

Microsoft Xbox 360 vs. Sony PlayStation 3

xbox 360 vs playstation 3

Microsoft has tried to catch up with some of the titans of the gaming world, such as Sony with the release of the Xbox 360.  The Xbox 360 offers many new features that players will love:

  • Free limited subscription to online gaming - This allows players who have not been participating in online gaming a chance to see what is available at no charge.  
  • All Xbox 360s come with Live-aware - This means you can get a friend invite or see who is online and what they are playing from your Xbox 360.  The button in the middle of the controller makes all this very easy.
  • It offers great media features including listening to music while you play games, the ability to create custom playlists and your own custom soundtracks, the ability to rip songs from original CDs to your Xbox 360 and stream music from your MP3 player to your Xbox 360.  You can also create slideshows of photos to share with friends and family.
  • Xbox 360 has a wireless controller.  No more tripping over the wires, although it can support two wired controllers through USB ports in the front.
  • The game console is not only great for gamers, but developers as well.  It is a powerful machine with an unprecedented amount of RAM - a feature added on the request of developers.

But, Xbox 360 still has some problems that need to be worked out:

  • Their Japanese third party support is lacking - While some Japanese developers offer software for the Xbox, it is small in number when compared to what the same developers offer for Playstation.  
  • While the controller is wireless, it eats batteries rather quickly.  Standard alkaline batteries only last about thirty hours, so if you buy Xbox 360, invest in rechargeable batteries to save yourself some money in the end.
  • When they were set up in WalMart stores before days before the launch, many suffered what is known as the Xbox "360 screen of death," an error screen.  The Xbox 360 had also had some problems with overheating.
  • Some report the Xbox 360 system as being very noisy when playing an Xbox 360 disc.

Many people are eagerly awaiting the release of PlayStation 3, which may occur as soon as November of this year.  It has been said that the PlayStation 3 has an outward feel (which allows it to stand vertically or horizontally on its own), as opposed to the Xbox 360's inward feel.  It is a much larger console than the PlayStation 2 and closer to the original size of the Xbox.  Game discs slide into the console like CDs slide into a car player.

Here are a few attractive features of the Playstation 3:

  • It is always on, so you can access your Playstation 3 from anywhere as long as you have an Internet connection.  
  • With a Playstation Portable, you can connect to your Playstation 3 and transfer media such as music and movies.
  • The Playstation 3 appears to be much more powerful than that Xbox 360, Nintendo Revolution, and Playstation 2.  Initial reports say it will be twice as fast as the Xbox 360.
  • Developers and publishers of over 230 games have announced titles for PlayStation 3 games.

Both the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 are incredible gaming consoles.  It seems that although the Xbox 360 came out first, the best bet is still the PlayStation 3.  The strongest point of the Xbox 360 is its online functionality, but Sony may be working on something similar to Xbox Live right now.  However, Microsoft is closing the gap with Xbox 360 and probably will eventually catch up with Sony in gaming consoles.  For some users, it may come down to something as simple as which one is more compatible with the games they already own.